Enriching Life in the Comox Valley

Enriching Life in the Comox Valley

The Comox Valley Community Foundation provides an opportunity for people to contribute to a permanent endowment fund which is used to enrich the quality of life in the Comox Valley.

Making A Difference In Our Community

Making A Difference In Our Community

This year interest generated by funds donated to the Comox Valley Community Foundation has allowed us to award grants, bursaries and scholarships totaling nearly $200,000 to enrich life in the Comox Valley.

The Comox Valley Hospice Society

The Comox Valley Hospice Society

This year, as a Community Foundation "Signature Project", the Comox Valley Hospice Society has been given $16,000 to furnish one of the four new residential hospice suites at their new hospice facility.

The Comox Valley Special Olympics Society

The Comox Valley Special Olympics Society

The Foundation awarded the Comox Valley Special Olympics Society $24000 for equipment, facility rental, registration fees and transportation for Comox Valley Special Olympians and volunteers.

Scouts Canada Camp Gilwell

Scouts Canada Camp Gilwell

Scouts Canada's Camp Gilwell, on the banks of the Browns River, needed to refurbish their kitchen. With the Foundation's grant of $4,000, they'll be able to do just that.

Courtenay Recreational Association

Courtenay Recreational Association

Our grant of $16,000 will help this organization support Special Needs Recreation programs for adults with developmental disabilities.

Responsible Stewardship

We attract, develop and manage permanent endowment funds through responsible stewardship.

Meeting Community Needs

We assess and respond to existing, emerging and changing community needs through grants to eligible organizations.

Facilitating Philanthropy

We provide a means for individuals and organizations with varied interests and levels of giving to contribute financially to their community.

Make a Donation


In 2015, the City of Courtenay is celebrating its centennial. Join us in creating a legacy to enrich the lives of all those living in Courtenay for the next 100 years!

A gift to the Courtenay Centennial Legacy Fund, administered by the Comox Valley Community Foundation will be invested in perpetuity, and each year the income generated by the fund will be granted by the Foundation for a charitable purpose in the community. This annual allocation will be based on an on-going assessment of needs in the community and the applications submitted. The Foundation’s mandate is to broadly distribute their grant funding available to best enrich the lives of all residents in the community, and each year there will be a call for applications on how charitable organizations can address this mandate.

Needs and opportunities will change over the next 100 years and beyond - your gift will help address either or both. It is a gift that keeps on giving - and in a way that is most beneficial to the community - however Courtenay evolves! Contributing to the Legacy Fund is a wonderful way to recognize and celebrate the richness we enjoy that comes from being a part of this very special community!


$6 million Donation
for Comox Valley

The Comox Valley Community Foundation announced that the Catherine Mary (Mamie) Aitken estate will donate over $6,000,000.00 to the CVC Foundation. This is, by far, the largest gift ever made to the Foundation.

“This generous gift is a game changer for the Foundation and the Comox Valley,” says CVC Foundation President Dr. Norman Carruthers. “It will have a profound impact on the Valley, and because only the income will be spent, the gift will keep on giving to our community for generations to come.”

As specified in Mamie Aitken’s Will, the income from the Aitken Fund will benefit St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation, students attending North Island College, the Comox Valley Hospice Society and other groups to be chosen by the CVC Foundation as part of its annual granting program.

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Community Foundations

What does the Community Foundation do?

It provides a means whereby the community's charitable assets and decision making can be applied locally; it pools the charitable gifts of many donors into a permanent, income-earning endowment that benefits the people of this valley and fulfills the philanthropic objectives of individual donors; it makes grants from the earnings on these funds to support a broad variety of initiatives from health, education and social services to arts, culture and the environment; and it offers neutral advice and support to all kinds of individuals and organizations trying to make philanthropic decisions..

Who Manages It

A seventeen-member Board of Directors is responsible for the overall policies and practices of the Foundation and relies on the recommendations of the Distribution Committee, which oversees the granting process and is made up of volunteers with knowledge and expertise in five fields of interest: Arts and Culture, Environment and Parks, Health and Welfare, Education and Youth and Seniors; the Investment Committee, responsibile for the policies and general administration of the Foundation's investments; .........

Who Donates?

Individuals and Families

Individuals and families often establish an advised fund within the Community Foundation instead of establishing their own foundation. This adds to administrative efficiency and reduces expenses.

Corporations and Charities

Some corporations rely on the expertise of the Community Foundation to administer their corporate donations programs.

Many charities, including other foundations, place their endowment funds with the Community Foundation in order to ensure their future financial viability, preserve their endowments in perpetuity and benefit from ongoing professional endowment management expertise.